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Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
After we confirmed your payment, we'll send it by EMS.
Once the package has left Japan, or is not considered domestic transport, it is
no longer the responsibility of us. Should problems occur during overseas 
shipping, customs, or local delivery, it is the responsibility of the customer to
contact those respective service(s). 

Returns & Replacements
We accept exchanging or return. This is a procedure.
send return to PDI Co.,Ltd.(334-6 Nakaguro Iwade City Wakayama Pref JAPAN 649-6248 Phone: +81736616322).This cost is your side.
After get it, we check the condition. If we find some damages,we charge to you. No damaged,you don't need to pay more.
Please note if you request return or exchanging,please contact to us before sending. If not contact,we deny your request.

When you place an order,you get a confirmation mail from us but it's not final mail. After get it,we check the stock situation.
After that ,we send final mail included the Paypal account.Please wait our 2 step. Also we can't reply soon,so it takes 1 or 2 days. 

Our Paypment is Paypal only. Sorry for inconvenience.