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PPR means Pdi Precision Rifle series.
You can make your customized rifle here without any additional cost.
(Only MARS rail needs additional cost)

#Bolt - Right or Left(with the reciever)
#Rail - 3 designs(we added MARS Right handle only)
#Power - VSR-10 spring.The data is with 0.2g BB & approximately.
#Inner Barrel - from 6.01 to 6.08 with Stainless steel ,high quality barrel
#Outer Barrel - Fluted or non Fluted.
#Grip Color  - BK / FG / DE.
#Stock Color  - BK / FG / DE.

This rifle is build to order so give us a little time

Please read "Description area" neccessary.

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Regular Price: ¥246,426.00

Special Price ¥138,240.00



PPR means Pdi Precision Rifle series.


We can now create a customized rifle for you, without any additional costs.

#Bolt - Right or Left side
BOlt PPR-001

A right bolt & left bolt have both the  same shape and functional parts.
If you choose a left bolt , the receiver & modular stock will automatically be changed to the left version.
Please note that the trigger safety will still be set on right side for both right and left bolts.

#Power - Select from 4 springs
*0.9J spring - FAT Dia. / Variable Pitch / Silicon chrome steel
*370FPS spring - FAT Dia. / Variable Pitch / Silicon chrome steel
*450FPS spring - FAT Dia. / 2 Pitch / Silicon chrome steel
*520FPS spring - FAT Dia. / 2 Pitch / Silicon chrome steel

Over 0.9J,we can't assure the durability cause it's over the toys spec.
Even though all parts are customized this may still not be enough..
So we recommend to select 0.9J Spring.
The data is with 0.2g BB & approximately.

#Rail - 3 designs
The one is the basical shape.
PPR-original rail
The other type is the NIGHTFORCE rail. 
type of NF
We added MARS to this rifle. Only MARS,+15,000 YEN. And for Right bolt handle only.

#Inner Barrel - possible from 6.01 to 6.08  with Stainless steel ,high quality barrel
Inner Barrel

#Outer Barrel -  Fluted or non Fluted.
This picture is the FLUTED ver.

If you select "Left Hand",the receiver is automatically selected for the left hand model.
Inside parts are all PDI VSR-10 upgrades.

Main upgrades :
# Palsonite Bore Up cylinder
# VC Piston
# Tapered Barrel
# New Trigger with trigger type R
# HOP Chamber
# Inner Barrel length 430mm
# Modular Stock

Other Manufacturing :
# PTS EPG-C GRIP (A picture was MOE Grip)
# PTS MOE Stock
# PDI Stock Pipe Ring
# Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Magazine
# Tokyo Marui Chamber Block
# Tokyo Marui Magazine catch

The weight is about 5kg.

Please note:
The Scope & Bipod are NOT INCLUDED 

This rifle has no attachment for a bipod. So you have to purchase a "Bipod screw" or "Rail" for your BIPOD.
If yours are type od Atlas Bipod,need a Rail, please access to our rail. Pleaase cllck here
Also if your bipod is type of Harris, please use this Bipod screw.Click here.

We add a trigger safety but it's a dummy.( after 18th Apr 2016)

About an installation guide,we  only explain about adjusting a Hop Chamber by PDF.
Because almost parts are same with VSR-10's.


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